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All items are unique and one of a kind. Journals may vary in page color. Items are for anyone ..for whatever donation you can give. Message me if your interested and keep checking back for new items to be posted.

🔥I am always taking donations to help pay for the expense of supplies such as ink and paper!

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ANDREA GAINES.       Write….  FOR EXODUS HOUSE MINISTRIES….. in the memo space.

Message me for the address or call me at  970-260-2989 and leave me a call back number and message. I would really appreciate all help and prayers for the ministries growth and reach.

All ministerial supplies are available around the world for the furtherance of God’s Glory and the Salvation of every precious soul Jesus gave His life for and Conqured Hell and adeath for with His resurection!

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💞 Thank you and be blessed! Andy 💗

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About Andrea



I was diagnosed with cervical cancer on  Dec, 20 2016…..and although it is curable…and I will be cured… I am still afraid of the treatments and the side effects. So I thought this site would bring me  another avenue to express my faith and fears…in hopes of drawing people together through our victories and struggles.

🐈I am an animal advocate and a Foster Parent for the cats and kittens at the local shelter. I also  work to socialize them and get them adopted into their “furever homes.” It is a work I truly love and wouldn’t trade for all the gold in all the galaxies! 🐆

👏I have been ministering the word of God and Gospel of Jesus Christ for the past 17 years and have a ministry of helps and council here on Facebook and in my home.🙌

🔥 I believe the advocacy for children and animals and the works against abuse and neglect of those less fortunate…and those who have no voice or choice over their lives or situations,  is as important to teach and share awareness of…..as the Holy Bible itself…….because it all the self-same lessons and situations that have spanned generations of people of every nation.🔥

💖 I  believe that if we can learn to care about the things we Can change…we will learn how to make a difference to others…and eventually there can be change for the better on an even larger scale.💖

📚 I have plans to start my own publications …making and publishing learning materials and scripture cards and supplies for people to use all over the world , in churches , Sunday schools and bible study groups. 📚

📒I also create many types of stationary and prayer journals…my newest  journals being for things we are grateful for.

I also have self published a Children’s book of Inspirational short stories called ✨”Of Wishing Stars and Red Tulips” 🌷 that I wrote and illustrated with questions and moral that can be discuss with family or friends, in hopes of getting “family time” back into our homes and create a “face time and dialog” with each other.📕

🎨 I also have created 2 sets of  humorous hand drawn Cards for all occasions…called “Catz-n-Jammers ” 🐱and “Toad Jams”, 🐸 and when I’m not writing or drawing I create handmade custom jewelry. Yea..I have lots of interests! Lol! But each one of them fits into my ministry in some way…each is used to reach and teach and make someone smile. 🎨😊🐯

📖I wanted to find an avenue that helps me keep focus on the positive and powerful affirmation of Godly Faith and Agreement of Faith as well as the power of pure positive Belief of the Promises of Jesus.📖

📖📝 This page helps me…and who ever else would like to participate…to be put into remembrance of the Miracles of Jesus…small and large…in our everyday lives. This way we can share our faith, experiences and miracles. For those who need to  find their own miracle, I hope they can find inspiration, fellowship,praise and camaraderie here .

🙏🙋 Let my Victory be joined with all those who have overcome their struggles and trials…and those who are still striving to get thru theirs…so that we are in a shared remembrance, agreement, voice and victory for the world to see and read for themselves.

🔥 Let this page be a place of Hope…for we are truly never alone and there are miracles all around us…if we learn how to see them. This is my prayer for us all.🙏💖👼

Be Blessed and Be the Victory!!👼

Yours in Christ…Andy👼

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Contact & Comments

cropped-06398eb9366c7e7e6a64e50c71ee5f63.jpgThis is a contact /comment page.  You can leave your comments here.

Questions, requests,  or information on events and calls  for unified prayer,

go to…

Email at….. gainesgroup77@yahoo.com

or better yet, message me at

Andrea Gaines    on Facebook...or at

Exodus House  Ministries    on Facebook.