Exodus House Mission Statement and Goal

🙏😇The  EXODUS HOUSE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES site and blog spot.  You can Find and Like  us On Facebook. There, you can find messages of hope and inspiration, prayers, and wonderful messages from enlightened ministers around the world.😇🙏 Also check out the NEW Exodus House Ministries GROUP PAGE !! 🙌

You can also visit my sister site for more inspirational stories and beautiful art, photos, and poetry. 

The site is 

dreasstories@wordpress.com .

****I’ve opened a  a brand new store!😁🙏🔥

🕯I ‘m selling my handmade  jewelry creations, pictures, art, paintings, journals,  candles, poetry, essays & more!!🔥

You will also find some whimsical sketches and photography I’ve done throughout the years! Cute ideas for animal lovers and children!🐈🐾🐸

🎨There’s original and unique art,  one of a kind jewelry ,stationery  nature photos ,  inspirational messages for your war room, home and meditations.📸

🐯There are also  many  items for children that includes coloring journals and beautiful nature prints and posters with uplifting and thought-provoking messages I’ve written to go with them . These are from my personal collections!🖋📚

📖📚All  Hand drawn Journals and Daily Journals are available ….and so much more. ****

💚💙There’s always something being added to the ever changing inventory! So check back often!💫💙😘

😸IT’S OPEN!!! Go to theinspiredexpressions.com

🎭The name of my store is 

🕊 Inspired Expressions~ Stationary, Art, and Jewelry LLC!!🕊

🖌🖍🎨📚🖋🎭 All Handmade items with a vintage/organic flair!!

🐯Come check it out!

Everything very reasonably priced!!

💛💜 I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO SEE IT! There’s a place to comment and leave messages too…so feel free to do so!!

***🕯In the works🕯****

📝📖My scripture and prayer cards, True Treasures have already been sent to Africa, and parts of the U.S.A.

They will be for sale by the set, as well as my set of prayer cards.

🎆Special rates for churches and schools.🎆

🎆If shipping out of country…message me with your information and customs/shipping info.🎆)

!!!🐭🐸🦁 Great for Kids🐻🐰🐾 !!!

🔥Each card is a complete lesson that deals with current issues people face everyday,  plus a practical, simple solution, and the Bible verse to support and meditate on.🔥

🔥Along with the scripture cards, comes a set prayer card that offers guidance and support for the day.

🔥 All of this fits on a bi-fold card that easily slips into your pocket, purse, backpack or notebook. Perfect for school and outings and places where a Bible wouldn’t be available or appropriate.

🔥(I occasionally update the set and add cards to keep up with the latest issues, but updates are free and will be sent to you  as they are done.)🔥

There are also hand drawn Prayer Journals available  [ with scriptures or to color]   to jot your thoughts and prayers down through out the day. Spiral bound, vinyl cover, notebook style, 60 pages…perfect for school, studies, coffee hour or just taking with you anywhere ! 🎉

My prices will be competitive but fair. All products are my own hand made creations 

*******   🎂🎁 Holidays and Birthdays are always coming!🎉🎊  ***

 🌹 Great for gifts.🌹

🎨🎨All items are unique and one of a kind. Journals may vary in page color.🖌🖍📚🖋

🕊 💙 Items are for anyone,    (men, women, children )   of All ages and faiths …📖🕯📚

for low, reasonable prices. 

[all major credit/debit cards accepted.]

****Message me if your interested on Contact and Comments page 

💞 or 💞

Message  or Facebook me with your interests and questions,  and  please leave me a call back number and message.****

💗The money goes to the support of this Christian Ministry, (Exodus House Ministries), so more supplies can be made available for children and ministries here in the U.S.A.👏👐

and around the world 💞

.. And to my husband…to help him keep the lights on so I can do this wonderful work. (God Bless His Heart😘)

~🙏I would really appreciate all help and prayers for the ministry’s🙏 growth and reach.🔥~

💞 Thank you and be blessed! Andy 💗

🐾(Drea or Andrea Gaines 🌹)

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