“Just a Man”

A deeply moving reminder for us all to be better humans….and the profound impact we have on each other.
Thank you Colin…for your beautiful addition .

A Dog's Life ... and mine ... and yours!

So many of us (perhaps all of us) have experienced times when our lives made no sense to us at all. Perhaps it was the residual effect of a traumatic experience, or perhaps we just found ourselves in  a state of absolute confusion.  What does one do when life appears to be pointless? What does one do when one feels isolated from the world around us? Sometimes clarity can come from a total stranger.

“Just a Man”

He listened;

He understood;

He befriended;

He cared.


All the courage he gave me,

By just being there,

Made me feel like

I wanted to live.

He gave me so much

Yet… had so little to give…

But his time.


I realized later

There was so much more.

I was indebted to that man

And… what’s more,

To experience the caring of someone unknown

 made me wonder.

Who else was out…

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