“The Project”

A beautiful and heartfelt post from a fellow blogger with a lot on his mind…..and an important message for everyone!
Just food for thought….and inspiration for action. Be Blessed!🙌 Andrea.

A Dog's Life ... and mine ... and yours!

People who live on the street are usually totally ignored. They become part of the “street furniture”, and so often get no more attention than regular street furniture. If only we knew the circumstances that put them on the street. If  only we knew why living on the street was deemed to be their best option. If only we knew why they chose a life style that involved rejection on a daily basis.

Most of us are not likely to experience what they are experiencing, but we could at least try and understand that there must have been a very compelling reason for them to be on the street.

Just imagine that you were given a special project … to spend just two full days (from Friday evening through to Sunday evening) in the downtown core/center of a large city/town, just with whatever clothes you were wearing and no money!

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